Sunbe Design identity

The brand origin

My name is Aisyah and I created Sunbe Design in 2015, after a few years working in a office as fashion designer. I chose to 'live the dream' in the paradise island of Bali, where I can design my collections to share my enthusiasm for a sunny and happy beach life style, thus the name "Sunbe".


What is our specificity?

SUNBE bikinis are home-made and hand-made by local tailors in Bali. Our brand brings a very special attention to offering the best quality for your swimwear, with timeless collections designed with intention. Our mission and focus is also to participate and value the local craftsmanship


An ethical brand

Sunbe Design is a total ethical label, thanks to the timeless and high quality design, no waste policy ( for example, we create scrunchies with the material leftovers and cut-offs). I design my pieces at home and I work directly with small team of 6 people including 4 fairly paid tailors, so we have 100% control on our whole production. We are working hard to reduce at a minimum our plastic use, but I guess, there are always ways to improve, day after day :)


Our motto for everyday

"Sexy, comfy and fabulous in the sun!"... We are trying with SUNBE to reinvent the notion of simplicity: with seamless trimming, simple fabrics, but many colors and styles to mix & match.

Our mission is to celebrate the diversity of different body-types, and have all women enjoy fun and sun on the beach!


Our latest developments in 2021

Our brand is now going online worldwide through this website. To have a good mapping around the globe, we are soo excited to announce that we shipped our bikinis in France in April 2021. It'll result a lower shipping fee for you and a much faster delivery in Europe and in the American continents. 

Made ethically with Love in Bali


Always here for you

We are a very small team and manage all of our production from A to Z (no outsourcing). If you have any question, please email us at

Fully Secured Payments

All your payments are perfectly fully secured. We accept Paypal and every major debit/credit cards. You can also make your payment in 3 installments at NO EXTRA CHARGE

Please contact us if you wish to use an other currency than €.

Fast worldwide shipping

Delivery time is only 2 days in France, around 5 days in Europe and about 10 to 14 days for the rest of the world

Free worldwide shipping

We offer the shipping for every purchase over 120€. No trick, it is as simple as this :)