Natural Plant Dyeing

We, at Sunbe Design, are committed to being transparent about our practices of being as sustainable and ethical as possible.

Natural dyes are not only beneficial for the earth but also for your skin. The combination of bamboo and natural dyes is Sunbe secret recipe for nourishing the skin, protecting the body and having great sustainable clothes, with feminine lines, perfect for your yoga practice or to simply wear everyday.

As everything is handmade, each batch is slightly unique to the next. Embrace the slight variations in knowing your garment is truly unique.


The plants and the leaves are all from Bali ( Keramas and Singaraja regions mainly).

We are currently using:

  • Umbrella / Ketapang tree
  • Mahogany
  • Mango tree leaf
  • Indigo leaf
  • Sappan Wood 


These five main ingredients make up our 5 colours: nude, dark green, tie-dye blue, light leaves and leaf print brown ( the clothes in the colors black and white have not been dyed).

Using natural dyes is an important step in the production of our clothes as they have a minimal environmental impact. Indeed, they come from nature, are biodegradable and disposing of them does not cause pollution.

We suggest hand washing each item separately in cold water before your first wear.  After this first wash, we recommend you to still wash by hand. Use natural soaps to clean your Sunbe Design new favourite clothes.

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We are a very small team and manage all of our production from A to Z (no outsourcing). If you have any question, please email us at

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