About us

      Ever wondered who is behind Sunbe Design? 

      Let me introduce to you our whole team, our history and the role of each of us to bring you the best quality bikinis.      

Us : Aisyah and Olivier


        My name is Aisyah and I created Sunbe Design in 2015, after a few years working as a fashion designer in a big factory. I felt it was the right time to start my brand in the sunny island of Bali, where I can design my swimwear collections to share my enthusiasm for a sunny and happy beach life style, thus the name "Sunbe".

         Olivier is French and my husband. He is not from the fashion industry at all. He used to work in the bank industry and then in the leisure travel sector. He is more in charge of online marketing, web development and administrative work from the shops when I'm more in charge of the creative part. We both manage this bikini online shop and we share our ideas every day, try to complete each other and learn new things.


Pak Sutris and his family      

Pak Sutris and his wife have been tailoring our bikinis since the beginning of Sunbe Design in 2015. Before Sunbe, they were working in a big factory, with hectic working hours, which is of course, not a suitable rhythm. Working to home allow them to take care of their 3 children, help them with their homework and bring them to their extra-scholar activities, like every child should have.


Pak Pamkbeng and his family 

I met and worked with Pak Pamkbeng and his wife since 2014, when creating my own swimwear label was still just an idea to develop.

They are very experienced with a sharp eye for details. As Pak Sutris and his wife, they were working in a big garment factory in Bali but the work conditions and schedule weren't suitable with taking care of their family.

Now, for the last 6 years, Pak Pamkbeng and his wife work from home and can take care of their 3 children at the same time.


Our shop Sales Assistant

Meet Vicky ( left hand side) and Okta ( right-hand side). They are both working in our Bali shops ( 1 bikini shop in Canggu, 1 swimwear one in Ubud).

Okta is part of the team, since we opened our first shop, in Canggu, in April 2019 . She is now working in the Ubud shop. Vicky joined us in August 2019 and is working in the shop located in Canggu. They both have a very sharp eye for details and speaks English more and more fluently. They are very trust-worthy and we're happy to give them more and more responsibilities.

Despite this difficult situation, we always wanted to keep our 2 shops opened and keep employed our 2 workers. They work shorter hours of course and can enjoy more day offs for their personal developments but we really wanted to keep them with us.


 From the bottom of our hearts, all our Sunbe family would like to give to all of you a big THANK YOU for all your support, messages in the past years.

Thank you for choosing the handmade quality from Bali and that produce ethically and responsibly at a fair price is possible. 

Let's start this new online adventure together.

Always here for you

We are a very small team and manage all of our production from A to Z (no outsourcing). If you have any question, please email us at sunbe.design@gmail.com

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Delivery time is only 2 days in France, around 5 days in Europe and about 10 to 14 days for the rest of the world

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