4 tips to choose the perfect size for your Sunbe Design bikinis

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4 tips to choose the perfect size for your Sunbe Design bikinis

          Choosing the right size for your new swimwear can sometimes be difficult. Indeed, not all the brand use the same measurement system: there is a European one, an American one, an Asian one and probably much more... In case your new bikini doesn't fit you, it only creates frustration and loss of time with costly return and stress.

Thus, let's avoid this part, wouldn't we :) ??? 

         Below are the 3 main measurements you'll need for your bikini top and bottom. Keep it in mind when you'll scroll down for the tips.

        My first tip, which is general sense (but trust me, I've already seen it happened) is only to use a soft measure tape and nothing solid. We only centimeters in our size table but you can find pretty easily converters to inches on Google.


        My second advice would be when you measure your bust: You need to measure at the fullest height of your bra cup. And of course, put the soft tape under your arms and not around your arms. It'll be a mistake otherwise, and you'll pick up the wrong size for sure for your bikini top. 


        My tip number 3 is about the waist measurement. Check the picture above to see which part of your body it is. Breathe normally but mostly, put a finger between your waist and the soft tape when measuring your waist. It'll ensure the tape stays straight and the measurement right.


         Last but not least, my fourth tip concerned your hips mensuration. You need to stand and join your feet together, otherwise it can create a gap and give you a bad measurement for your bikini bottom sizing.

Check one again the picture again but to get it right, you'll need to measure round the fullest part of your low hip, about 20 cms down from your waistline.


Of course guys, if you have any questions or doubts on sizing, send us an email regarding our ethically handmade bikinis here and we'll answer it within 24H.

 Want to buy 1 bikini and get 2 or 4? Have a look at our multi-way collections here

Have a nice day :)  

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