My Top 5 of yoga myths you should stop believing

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My Top 5 of yoga myths you should stop believing

      With millions of people practicing all over the world, yoga is a definitely a trendy and multi-facet sport giving huge benefits to your body, mind and spirit.

       You may be scared to start on your yoga journey practice, but let's make it clear : the typical yoga practice is NOT what you see on some influencers Instagram or TikTok accounts. Not everybody can do a perfect backbend or an effortless split. And guess what... : it's ok :)

      As you probably know and see on our website, we offer at Sunbe Design not only beautiful handmade and ethical swimwears, but also handmade sustainable yoga wear made out of bamboo fabric since November 2021. I wanted to talk about some misconceptions or false ideas commonly spread about yoga, so you can start on your yoga journey without stress ( because it has to be fun, remember !!)


=> I am not flexible (at all), so yoga is not for me. Probably the biggest myth about yoga, certainly because of all you see of social media. NO, NO, NO yoga is not all about flexibility. You don't need to know how to do a perfect pincha to enjoy yoga. Find the yoga discipline you like, which can be the Yin yoga ( more based on breathing) and simply ENJOY!!

=> Yoga is not a sport at all. Well, if you practice quickly for 2 minutes once in a while, that's not going to do any good to you and your body / mind. But, even if you do a morning or evening session of 20 minutes, the sequence of different poses, if you do them the best you can and in full conscience will definitely represent a challenge and feel like a sport session. Speaking about yin yoga for example, where you have to hold your pose for 5 minutes, is that not a sport ?

=> Yoga is only woman: well, you mostly see on social media women who practice yoga. But do you know that 30% of people practicing yoga are men?? There are about 2.6 millions of men doing yoga in France. Some poses require strength like the warrior and cobra pose. It can also be a great way for the body to recover after a physical exercise, to work on your body balance... In summary, there are a lot of complementary and benefits for a man to practice yoga, and it is not at all too "girly". Who knows, maybe one day, Sunbe Design will offer yoga clothes for the men...

=> Yoga only develops your flexibility but not your strength: Once again, you don't need to do ultra-difficult moves to feel the benefits on your muscles ( abs, legs, arms). And I'm not even talking about your general body balance which is truly upgraded.

=> Yoga is only for skinny people: you probably watch too much Instagram or TikTok videos or reels. There might be a problem of representation, but that's not the question. Yoga is definitely for everybody, you just need to feel good in your body.

There are now more and more inclusive yoga brands, and we are very proud at Sunbe Design to be part of this movement. Our yoga range goes from size S to XL, is ultra-comfy but mostly, the soft bamboo fabric is extensible and can fit your body perfectly.


Do you have any more misconception in mind ? Let us know in the comment down below and we'll send you a great surprise by email.

Check our yoga / active wear down below, you'll definitely like it. Any question? Email us here for any question on our handmade bikinis, sustainable yoga wear or beautiful kimonos. You can also chat with us by hitting the WhatsApp button.

Happy practice 🤗🤗


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